Tax Services

Patrick O’Connor (Partner) has over fifteen years experience of ensuring tax compliance for all clients across the SME sector, in addition to ensuring personal tax compliance in the areas of income tax, capital gains tax and capital acquisitions tax (inheritance tax).

At Barrett O’Connor we will assist you in firstly understanding the filing requirements for the relevant taxes associated with your business, and progress to outlining to you the computation of the tax arising, together with an accurate estimate of the liability and the various payment options available to you.

We will always endeavour to ensure that your tax exposure is minimised under each of the tax heads, whilst ensuring overall tax compliance. We will also make sure that you are fully aware of all filing deadlines in order to minimise possible exposure to Revenue Audits.

We also advise businesses in the following areas:

  • profit extraction,
  • investment, wealth and retirement planning,
  • disposal of a business,
  • disposal of land, buildings, and intellectual property,
  • staff remuneration,
  • emigration, residence and domicile planning,
  • passing assets to family members, estate planning, and
  • handling of Revenue audits, investigations and enquiries.

We will outline for you an estimate of costs in advance of undertaking any tax work on your behalf.

As a registered tax agent, we prepare and file returns for income tax, corporation tax, capital gains tax, VAT, employer PAYE and capital acquisitions tax (CAT).